A full year of Hudson!

This St. Louis baby photographer is excited to share this handsome man's first year!

The Newborn Session

Hudson's Momma came to me a year ago needing newborn pictures, he was already almost two months old, but I decided to give it a go and see what we could do. Hudson was such a dreamy little guy, aside from being super adorable, he slept and allowed me to pose him just as I would a two week old.

The Sitter Session

He is just so handsome! A few months later Hudson came back to the studio with his parents for his sitter session. For those of you unsure what the term "Sitter Session" is, a sitter session is done between 6-8 months of age, that time when baby is sitting up well on their own, smiling and interactive, and sometimes will even lay back and grab their toes.

As you may have guessed, Hudson was such an easy going little guy. Once again, he stole my heart, this time with those precious little grins and smiles.

See what I mean? Those smiles just melt you!

The One Year Session

Hudson recently turned one years old and of course he had to come back and see me to capture that milestone as well! I love the woodland theme and had so much fun designing the set. I hope his mom and dad love it just as much!

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